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About SoloWindow

Imagine a world where you can take back control of all your personal and professional communications. SoloWindow’s Vision is to create the first solution that gives businesses, organizations, family & friends a single View that provides the ultimate control and security over information shared and received.

With SoloWindow, your single window lets you manage your social networking and important communications, efficiently and securely. Through a View, publishers of information can create what is equivalent to a “super app” or “information hub”. It’s simple to create and publish a View, which you can share with your friends & family, business constituents, customers, and followers.

Create A View

Once you peer into a View, you’ll quickly understand what all the fuss is about! Anyone can make his/her own View. It is simple and only takes a few minutes to create a View. SoloWindow wants everyone to have the opportunity to create his/her own View, so we’ve made sure that some of the most important features you’d want to have in your own View are FREE. Families, friends, groups, non-profits, and businesses, can make as many SoloWindow Views as they want, so their friends, customers, and constituents can quickly and efficiently socialize with each other.

Private or Public

Today we are becoming more and more concerned with what happens to the information we share – “We own our information. It’s ours!” With SoloWindow you control your information. If you want to keep your communications away from public eyes, SoloWindow protects you by allowing you to create Private Views where only the people you want to invite see your information. Private Views cannot be searched and subscribed to within SoloWindow. If you want to share information openly, you can create Public Views and allow people to search and subscribe within SoloWindow. Information security & control is in your hands!

Alerting and Messaging

When you really need to get your message to someone, SoloWindow’s Push Alerts deliver that message in a timely and efficient way. You control how, when, and who you want to get your messages. Start group discussions or private one-on-one discussions within your View. SoloWindow’s bi-directional alerting capability lets you collaborate with your family & friends, businesses, and organizations in a unobtrusive and easily accessed manner.

SoloWindow Apps for your Smartphone, Tablet, PC, and Mac

The best way to experience how SoloWindow connects people is to install it on all your devices. When you do, you’ll always be connected to the Views you’ve subscribe to and the Views you own. Whether you are working on your PC or Laptop or out and about with your Smartphone or Tablet, you won’t miss out on any opportunity to communicate with those subscribed to your View(s), and you won’t miss out on any important alerts, messages, or information from Views to which you are subscribed.

Social Platform Consolidation & Integration

With so many social network platforms to choose from and manage, SoloWindow corrals them and places them into your View so everyone subscribed can view updates without having to navigate to each. Posting to your social network sites is easier then ever with the SoloWindow post once to all feature. When you post through SoloWindow, you can Tweet and Facebook the same message all at the same time. You don’t have navigate to each site to repost your messages over and over again. SoloWindow takes care of all postings for you.

SoloWindow Inbox

When you login to your SoloWindow account, you’ll always have quick access to the SoloWindow Inbox. Here, you’ll see all recent alerts, messages, or notices that you have sent from your Views or received from Views to which you are subscribed. You can quickly review and, depending upon View configuration, respond via alerts.

Targeted Messaging

For companies and organizations, the ability to send communications to the appropriate audiences is expensive and many times, difficult to manage. With a SoloWindow View, you can request subscribers to answer key questions so that later when you send alerts and messages, you will be able to send them based on based on their profiles.

Scheduling Alerts and Messages

To make it even easier for you to manage your View, SoloWindow lets you schedule the day and time you want a message or alert sent. So if you have an ongoing campaign or just want to interact regularly with your subscribers, you can schedule alerts and messages deep into the future, saving you the trouble of entering each one on the exact day and time you want the message or alert sent.

Multi Level Security

With both Private and Public Views, you can designate additional administrators (super subscribers) who will have access to controlling all or just a particular area of your View.

Clean Up App Proliferation & Clutter

No longer will you need separate “Apps” on your devices to send/receive alerts and view information. SoloWindow enables those who want to share information to no longer have to spend significant time and money to create their own “Apps” to deliver messages to each and every device. SoloWindow is a simple, configurable solution that provides you that cost-effective framework to do so. SoloWindow also allows you to consolidate all information streams you consider most important in one place – one Window. You will no longer need all of those other “Apps” with SoloWindow!!


Release : 5/15/2017 11:24:46 AM GMT