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Private Views

Create Private View(s) to send messages and share information with family and/or friends

Invite family and/or friends to subscribe to your Private View

Restrict ability of anyone not designated as family and/or friend from subscribing to your Private View


Send messages via Push Alerts to family and/or friends subscribed to your View on all devices registered (Smartphone, Tablet, PC, and Mac)

Send Alert(s) immediately or schedule in the future; quickly re-send (re-flip) Alert(s) as needed to express importance

Know with confidence that your messages are being received by all family and/or friend devices registered with your View

Reply Alerts

Configure View to allow family and/or friends to reply to messages via Push Alerts

Grant rights to family and/or friends to create new Alert(s) as well

Photos / Videos

Attach photos or videos to messages and quickly send via Push Alert

Allow family and/or friends to download photos or videos from View (future functionality)

Social Media Integration

Integrate your family and/or friend social networking pages within your SoloWindow family and/or friend View

Post your messages to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously through your SoloWindow View if you so choose – no longer do you have to navigate to each site to post the same message


Create your own Basic family and/or friend View for FREE!

Allow family and/or friends to subscribe to your View for Free

Purchase additional features ala carte to improve family and/or friend interaction if you so choose (e.g., one-to-one alerting)

Secure / Control

Prevent those not family and/or friends from searching and subscribing to your View by designating it a Private View

Know with confidence the information you share within your Private View will only be viewed by your family and/or friends and never marketed / sold to anyone

Limited Retention

Accept the default of seven (7) days to expire the message (i.e., permanent deletion) OR

Change the duration of how long you would like message to be viewed by family and/or friends (i.e., immediately, shorter than default, or longer than default)