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The Small/Medium Business Solution for Efficient and Cost Effective Targeted Marketing and Customer Communication.

Public View:

Entities who wish to have any existing and potential customers/constituents receive messages via Push Alert should choose this type of View. Customers/Constituents can easily search and subscribe to the View to receive Push Alerts.

Private View:

Entities who wish to control the customers/constituents who receive messages via Push Alert should choose this type of View. Entities will invite customers/constituents via e-mail to subscribe to the View. View cannot be searched and subscribed to – truly private.

Alert Plug-In Only

Unlimited number of Push Alert Categories can be created (recommend 3 to 5 at most):
Examples of Alerts an Entity may want to create:

Additional Functionality

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Value Proposition

SoloWindow provides a configurable messaging framework to communicate with valued customers via Push Alerts across mobile devices and personal computers/notebooks.

A Business Owner or Marketing Leader can quickly and easily:

Create and send marketing messages (i.e., offers, coupons, special events, etc.) via Push Alerts to valued customers.

Profile customers by demographic and send messages based on profile(s) to further improve targeted marketing efforts.

Gauge customer engagement with marketing messages delivered via the SoloWindow.

Public or Private Views

Create a Public View to send Messages via Push Alerts to anyone who subscribes to your View or Create a Private View to send Messages via Push Alerts to only those you invite to your View.

Targeted Marketing / Promotions

Send Messages to Subscribers based on their Profile and/or send Messages to Subscribers based on your own configurable grouping.


Gauge customer/constituent engagement with your Messages – understand exactly who is receiving the Messages and who is actually engaging with the Messages.

Message Frequency

Send Messages immediately or schedule Messages to be delivered in the future. Immage attached for this section.


Send Messages to all Subscriber mobile and desktop/notebook devices registered with SoloWindow.

Social Media Integration

Post your SoloWindow Messages to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. Put Twitter and Facebook images